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The Vow

Book Two - Remembrance, Indiana


Pregnant and alone, Brittany was struggling to make a life for herself and her unborn child. The death of the man she loved had shattered her world, left her without support. Without Dan, she had nothing and no one.


Except Michael Sinclair, Dan's best friend. Michael was kind and strong and he wanted to help her through this difficult time. How could she refuse his offer of marriage, his promise of a place to shelter until the baby was born, until she could get her feet under her again.

Michael told himself that marrying Brittany was a last favor for his dead friend. It had nothing to do with the way Brittany made him feel, with his growing feelings for the child she carried. Making a life with Brittany, planning for the birth of her child - a child that felt more like his own with every passing day - it felt so right. Was it too much to hope that Brittany felt the same? Too much to dream that this temporary marriage could become something real and lasting?

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