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    Together Always
 Book One - Family of the Heart

The moment he set eyes on her Lily, Trace Dushane knew why he’d been born.

The beautiful little girl with the big green eyes was all that was sweet and good in the world, a vivid contrast to the hardscrabble life that was all Trace had ever known in his young life. He knew he’d do whatever he had to keep her safe, to see that Lily had a chance at a good life.

To keep that promise, he took Lily and fled the Oklahoma prairie where he’d been born and raised. Still a boy himself, he shouldered the responsibility for her safety, for her happiness. When he wanted to quit, wanted to give up the struggle, he’d see the trust in Lily’s eyes, her belief that he’d make everything turn out all right and he’d scrape up the energy to keep going, to do the right thing for her.

Years later, Trace was still looking out for her, still trying to do the right thing…and trying not to notice that the sweet, beautiful little girl had become a woman, a woman who looked at him with the same trust she’d felt as a child…and a woman’s boundless love.

He’d promised to take care of Lily, to keep her safe but what happened when that meant walking away from the only thing that mattered?

Originally published in print by Harlequin American)

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