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    Another Man's Wife
 Book Two - The Walker Family

Gage Walker had always known that he would never have a family of his own. It was enough to spend time with his adorable niece and to be godfather to his best friend’s son.  Being ‘Uncle Gage’ was plenty of family for him.

Then his best friend was killed in a car accident and Gage immediately stepped in to do everything he could to help Rick’s pretty widow and her little boy. With his job taking him out of the country for months at a time, he was happy to have a home to come back to, happy to spend time with Kelsey and Danny. If he sometimes noticed the way the sun turned Kelsey’s hair to pure gold or wondered if her mouth could possibly be as soft as it looked, those were fleeting moments, immediately gone and forgotten. Mostly forgotten, anyway.

For Kelsey, having Gage in her life helped ease the difficult transition from happily married to widowed single mom. She didn’t know what she would have done without him over the last few years. Gage was as handy with a pipe wrench as he was wrangling an energetic little boy. Recently, she sometimes found herself thinking about how good it might feel to be wrapped up in those strong arms and, now and again, she wondered what it might feel like if he kissed her. She pushed those thoughts away as quickly as they appeared. Gage was a dear friend, someone she knew she’d always be able to count on. She hardly even noticed the width of his shoulders or the way his eyes sparkled when he smiled. And she’d certainly never felt her knees go weak when he looked at her as if he saw her as something more than just his best friend’s widow.

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