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    Tell Me a Story
 Book One - Becky's Family

Flynn McCallister had spent most of his life cultivating his image as a wealthy playboy with nothing on his mind but having a good time.

Anne Perry had spent most of her life focusing on her goal of becoming a doctor, of contributing to society while climbing the professional ladder.

Their paths would never have crossed if they hadn’t happened to live in the same luxury apartment tower in Los Angeles. Sometimes, when Ann was heading out for a morning shift at the hospital, she’d encounter Flynn on his way home from a night of dissipation. She deplored his rumpled, obviously debauched state. If the phrase ‘sex on a stick’ came to mind, she quickly pushed it away.

If Flynn wondered what his disapproving neighbor might look like with her dark red hair tumbled about her shoulders and her lips soft from kisses - not his, of course - he tucked the thought away in a box marked ‘never going to happen’.

And then Becky entered Flynn’s life. Seven years old with a missing mother and a father she didn’t remember, Becky was pretty sure she could manage on her own. Almost sure, anyway. But Mr. Flynn was nice and he made her laugh and he said he’d find her mom and then he asked Ann to bandage a bump on Becky’s head and somehow, the three of them were playing Monopoly and going on picnics together.

Their make believe family was practically perfect but what was going to happen when Becky’s family turned up? Was the love growing between Flynn and Ann real or just part of the fairy tale?

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