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Everything But Marriage
Book Four - Remembrance, Indiana

Devlin Russel spent nearly a decade in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Finally free, he wanted nothing more than to live a life free of walls and, most especially, free of people and the entanglements that went with them.

Then he pulled a beautiful young woman from a flooded river. He brought her into his home, into his life. He told himself he was just letting her stay until she got back on her feet but Annalise St. John soon worked her way into the heart he would have sworn he didn’t have anymore.

Annalise had lost everything that mattered. Nearly losing her life didn’t seem to matter much one way or another but then Devlin pulled her from the water and gave her shelter. He gave her warmth and a gruff, undemanding care. As the days passed, she felt herself starting to see the world in color again, remembering how to smile, how to laugh. How to love.

Devlin had let her into his life. Would he be willing to let her open the walls he’d built around his heart?

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