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    A Very Convenient Marriage
 Book One - The Walker Family

Nikki Beauvisage’s grandfather held old fashioned views about women. When he died, he left her half his fortune, money she needed to keep her day-care center open but there was a catch. Nikki had to get married and stay married for a year in order to get her hands on her inheritance. It was infuriating but she wasn’t going to let a small thing like marrying a total stranger get in her way. Not even if that stranger was too tall, too good-looking and altogether too male.

As the oldest son, Sam Walker had a habit of shouldering responsibility for the rest of the family so, when his young niece needed a life saving surgery, he would do anything to get the money, including marrying an uptight ice princess with distractingly beautiful eyes and legs that went on forever. It was only for a year. He could do anything for a year, couldn’t he?

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