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The Baby Bargain
Book 3 - Remembrance, Indiana
When Kelly slipped away from her shabby home and brutal father on New Year’s Eve, all she hoped for was one night to see how the other half lived, one night to laugh and dance and pretend she wasn’t trapped and alone and hopeless. She never expected to met a man like Dan Remington, a man who offered her laughter and warmth and passion. She never expected to end up in his bed.

But the warmth faded in the new year, bringing cold regrets and reality. Kelly was carrying Dan’s child. She knew what her father would do to her, to the baby she carried so she reached out to the man she barely knew and asked for help.

For Dan, the baby Kelly carried was a dream come true, a chance at fatherhood and, when he looked at Kelly’s sweet face and shy smile, he thought maybe it was a chance at something more. He wanted the child they’d created and he wanted time to see what might build between him and the fragile woman he hardly knew so he offered Kelly a bargain - if she’d have the child, he’d raise it, leaving her free to build a new life for herself. Now, he just had to hope that a few months would be long enough to convince Kelly to stay in his life.
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