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Addie & the Renegade

    Crashing his charter plane in the middle of the Rocky Mountains had not been on Cole Walker’s bucket list. But here he was, stranded with his quietly pretty passenger, Adelaide Smith. With nothing to do but hope for rescue and try not to worry too much about his little girl, who was waiting for him to come home, Cole couldn’t help but notice Addie’s sweet smile and the quiet strength with which she faced each challenge.

   Addie was not the sort of person who had adventures. Raised in the shadow of her archeologist father’s ego and fame, she’d always been the sort of girl that most people forgot almost as soon as they were introduced. She was most definitely not the sort of girl who survived a crash landing in the wilderness and found herself stranded with the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen in her life.

   Relying on Cole’s cribbed-from-the-movies survival skills and the oddball assortment of supplies in Addie’s absurdly large purse, all they had to do was stay alive until rescue came.

   Oh, and try not to fall in love while they were waiting

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