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    A Practical Marriage
 Book Two - Family of the Heart

Was marrying a man she barely knew really the most practical choice?

Abby Taylor’s life was precariously balanced between raising her orphaned niece and nephew, trying to keep the rickety old house from falling down around their ears and keeping her go-nowhere job to pay the bills. She wasn’t looking for romance, let alone marriage.


John Lonigan had spent most of his life on the move. He had no plans to settle in one place, to put down roots. And then he met Abby and her little family and found himself playing catch and mending dolls, not to mention fixing windows and building fences. He liked the kids and admired their aunt’s gutsy determination to hold her little family together. He also admired Abby’s pretty brown eyes, warm smile and the sweetness of her kisses. Still, he was definitely a rolling stone and would soon be moving on.

But when Abby needed more help than replacing a worn-out lock or repairing her aging car, John found himself suggesting marriage as the perfect solution. It was the most practical thing to do, right?

(Originally published in print by Harlequin American)

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