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    Home to Eden

Kate finally had everything she’d ever wanted. When she moved to the small town of Eden, California, she found a home, a family who took her into their hearts and a good, kind man who loved her and wanted to marry her. It was everything that had been missing from her life, more than she’d dreamed she’d ever have.

But then trouble came to Eden, in the form of Nick Blackstone. Tall, dark, handsome, dangerous to know, with a wicked smile and something lost and lonely in his eyes. And he was her fiancee’s brother.

He was everything Kate knew she shouldn’t want and yet he drew her like nothing else she’d ever known. He was a threat to everything she’d built here, all the dreams that were almost in reach.

Nick had come home to Eden to try and lay to rest the tragedy of his past, to find some peace at last but his return put all their futures at risk: his, his brother’s and Kate’s. Because, even in Eden, there are some temptations that can’t be denied.

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