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    The Way Home

When he kissed her, everything changed.

She was the four year old waif he befriended…the pretty ten year old he took for a dizzying ride in his plane…the seventeen year old beauty who caught his eye when he returned home years later. Tyler McKendrick dreamed of a life spent flying stunts in Hollywood. He hadn’t counted on Meg Harper, the child who touched his heart, the young woman who took his breath away.

When he buried her broken doll and mended her broken heart, the rich boy from the Hill won a poor little girl’s love. But Meg was from the wrong side of town and knew she could never let Ty know how much she cared. Not even when he swept her into marriage to rescue her from a brutal home. Together they set off for the dazzling lights of Hollywood – only to return to Iowa to face the ghosts of Meg’s past and fight for the love they’d found.

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